What is WITS END?

What is Wits End?

Wits End is a multi-platform visual EP that blurs the lines between music, images, and social media.

It consists of five music videos, each supplemented by a senseless barrage of promotional artwork.

Four videos have been released so far. Wits End is slated for official release in late 2018.

For a more detailed look at Wits End, please consult Figure 1a.

Who is Sean Duck?

Who is Sean Duck?

Sean Duck makes

Sean Duck performs

"Sean Duck is a rapper, producer, DJ, and visual artist. He is 23 years old and lives in Chicago, Illinois.

In March of 2016, Duck began the massive, multi-platform rollout of his debut EP, Wits End. It is slated for official release in October 2018."

For help trying to pin down Sean Duck, please consult Figure 2a.

For Sean Duck press clippings, click here.

Figure 1a. “Sean Duck Info-Graphic 1: Trying to Pin Down Sean Duck™”


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